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Our responsible employee ready to keep your shipment manager informed about management of contract and about shipment in progress 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Your shipment manager can call or write to us instantly as we are at our desk everyday helping you to trace contract and schedule of shipment. Don’t hesitate to ask question as we are prepared to do it for you.
Once you issue contract that you book with us, All contract details will be uploaded on our online tracking accordingly, As usual, we will update schedule of shipment that shippers tell our staff within 15 days before deadline of contracted shipment period. As a result, you can hit keyboard of computer and just type contract number, then an online tracking system will tell you everything about your loads like date of inspection, estimated time of departure (ETD), name of vessel, container & seal number, results of inspection, photos of goods inspected at warehouse, uploaded copy of shipping documents, ISF form....Everything in ONE CLICK  to save your time sending us emails to ask about status of shipment.
Online tracking shows realiable and high security level. So no one can access and get knowing about your contract details BUT you. You can trust in our system.