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Mr Nguyen Tan Thieu Quang – Trader
He has been involved in edible nut business in 1997. He has built up a team of Thuan Quang since 2005 and running trading activities of the company. Any concern over enquiry of rice, cashew nuts, desiccated coconut....etc..Please contact him at thuanquang_q2@vnn.vn or thieu_quang@email.com
 Ms Do Thi Thai Thanh – Trader
She has been in cashew nut business more than 15 years ago. She was also one of the first pillars in development of Thuan Quang. Beside being one of founding members of the company, she is actively working in operational managment. Please contact her at thaithanh_q2@hcm.fpt.vn
Mr Do Tri Toan – Trader/documentation manager
He has 10 year experience as traffic and documentation at international edible nut company. He joined Thuan Quang in 2009. For all logistic & shipment concerns, please contact him at thuanquang_q2@hcm.fpt.vn or thuanquang@mail.com
 Recently we promoted him to trading position. He is claiming offer from a few cashew processing plants
Mr Pham Thanh Hai – Quality Assurance
He has been with us in 2005 and needless to say he has been received fully intensive training of quality control at the beginning of his career. He was showing top quality controller throughout the years.  Any question regarding to quality assurance, please call him at (84.90) 9136303.
Mr Nguyen Van Tam – Quality Assurance/Customs clearance
He joined us in 2007 as quality controller. Over 4 years, he has become reliable quality assurance who identifies and takes preventive control against inferior quality shipped to our customers. Please call him at (84.93) 7654928
 Ms Cao Thi Viet Khanh - Secretary 
Ms Khanh joined our company since June 2012. She is handling secreterial job at our office. 
Mr Nguyen Duy Phuong- Quality Assurance
He has been joining our quality team since May 2012. Along with another quality staffs, he often goes visit processing plants to supervise quality inspection/loading at plants' warehouse.
Mr Pham Tran Nghi Luc - Quality Assurance
He has been recruited as quality staff since May 2012. Needless to say before he joins our great quality team, he has received full training on inspection of cashew nut kernels quality based on AFI standards. 
We also maintain independent seafood trader who has 30 year experience in seafood industry in Viet Nam. Please contact him at thuanquang@thuanquangcashews.com.