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External and internal analysis would be helpful to identify challenge – opportunity – value chain – distinctive competences of Viet Nam cashew industry.
- A good quality of cashew kernels (taste, flavor, crisp, white color….etc).
- A large acreage of cultivation contributed a huge volume of raw seeds leading Viet Nam cashew industry to being top exporter in world within a short period.
- When cashew industry is composed of many small players, the buyers are few in number and large. Then the buyers are most powerful and dominate cashew supply companies.
- When purchasing in large quantities, buyers can use purchasing power as leverage to bargain for price reduction.
- Creating sustainable growth for the industry. Increase yield of existing trees by application of fertilizer, crop care. Encourage a new high yield variety.
- To cultivate organic cashews.
- A burden of banking interest of either working capital to buy raw seed at harvest period or discount of shipping documents after shipment. Interest rates also determine the cost of capital for a plant.
- Exchange rates have direct impact on competitiveness of Vietnamese cashew kernels in global marketplace.
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