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 In any walk of life, being laid off would be one of the most difficult experiences to cope with. We had to face such an unwanted situation at the end of 2005. The future suddenly looked very bleak. Needless to say no one wants bad things to happen in our life. However we have no other choice but to live with it. We sat down and figured out how to battle against that new challenge. Wisely, we realized what a waste of time it had all been and how we have continued to face problems when we could have stopped and started to think about something else.
Thuan Quang has come a long way since 2005. Six years have gone quickly. Fortunately we received a plenty of lessons which give us a greater understanding of values especially on friendships – business ethic – honesty - belief. We have seen business activity which is amoral and actions that are based solely on economic self-interest. We have seen greed and abuse of trust. We have also used bad language when a situation went out of control and calming down that situation was difficult. In such unethical situations we learned how the principle of “buy low sell high” works and how self respect can be stolen once the market moves up where integrity is traded for profit, personal character sacrificed for business success. 

We often receive proposals of price hikes made by greedy individuals who always protect their own interests despite the principles of business ethics. At worst we have ever suffered financially to pay for mistakes that were none of our doing. It was done to keep our business running smoothly. We understand we are not alone with the problems we face when we talk with our business counterparts about such problems. It doesn’t mean that we are either scared of losing that business, or even we are scared of breaking business relationships. It is simply to keep in mind that as the bridge between seller and buyer, we have to take it and sort out the situation in a responsible way. People should not think that we either accept or compromise with unjust actions. Business is two way street rather than a one way street.
A passage of time allows passions to cool and difficulties to pass. However we do believe that throughout that battle, what we achieved is much more than what we lost. On every single day we talk to and work with people in the industry, we know exactly there would be a potential risk. We still move up as we are aware that we must be strong enough to know when we are weak, brave enough to encounter fear.
We have strived to do what we love and to obtain what we wish. We are proud of what we done. We will not tire and we will not falter in efforts of seeking a chain of values that we think would be the best for our business life.
Today’s world changes at the speed of light on daily basis. Life changes quickly too. We may not to be able to change the world according to our wishes but we may definitely be able to change ourselves to achieve our business goals. We do believe that we are changing to become professional bridge between demand and supply in the industry that we got involved in.